photo by Nathalie Hennis

ve dir

CLAUDIA BRUNO is an elegant force. Slight and chic, she may warmly take your hand and offer you coffee while leaning fully out of the window to smoke a cigarette, waving the smoke skyward. (Unless she has quit smoking again.) She will be wearing something beautiful and bespoke, a flat from a gentleman cobbler in Florence and woolens handcrafted by a mad artist in a remote Icelandic village. She comes to any project with the passionate fervor of an artist. She has a unique capacity to engage on a philosophical level with the core essence of things. (Yes, “brands” as they say in the business.) She can see the truth and the magical possibilities. She looks at things backwards and upside down. She tears through her voluminous library of gorgeous, intoxicating imagery. She happens upon wonders. Ms. Bruno cannot abide mediocrity. Mediocrity makes her mad. Her fierce dedication to excellence is tempered by charm and good humor. She is good to be around. She brings remarkable teams of artists together to do impossible and wonderful things. Days go by. We try it this way and that. We dig in. We order in. We chuckle. We obsess endlessly. We try, try again. We are expectant, questioning, doubtful, then, exultant. And she inspires, literally propels us to go a step beyond what we deemed possible. We work tirelessly and sleeplessly to arrive at the ineffable truth of things, the intangible, exquisite perfection. And after it’s all said and done and the beautiful work is out there floating in the atmosphere there is a moment of jubilant serenity. Then we have a nice bottle of wine.

Courtney Saunders is a writer who has had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms Bruno.